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Already as a child I was very much interested in dinosaurs. However, only when I saw the plastic models by Invicta at the British Museum in London the first time, this interest became a real passion. Immediately I ordered all models of this serie.

A friend of mine tought me some Airbrush technics and I started my first attempts of painting dinosaur sculptures. I used acrylic colours for paintment and built a suitable scenery of wooden pedetals for each model. Then my new hobby stagnated for a short time, because I couldn't find more nice new models. But when I found the mgazines "Model Grafics" ( Japan ), " Hobby Japan " and " Earth " ( US )...all absolutely unknown magazines for me at that time, the situation changed. In the Model Grafics I found an image which showed a very nice T-Rex. This was my first " must have " sculpture. Unfortunately the text was complete in Japanese. Investigating several weeks, I finally succeeded getting in contact with Yoshiaki Tsuji, who produced a whole series of incredibly nice dinosaur models. The Hobby Japan magazine leaded me to the " Kaiyodo " company, and with the help of the " Earth " magazine I got in touch with Charly McGrady's CM Studio. Last but not least I found the Prehistoric Times Magazine by Mike Frederiks which was a piece of luck, because this magazine reflects the interests of all dinosaur-model-enthusiasts. With the help of this magazine I got the chance to get in touch with other fascinating artists.

My paintment technics has changed and developed on and on in the course of time. Many of my models are painted with " Rotring " Airbrush colours.Unfortunately this company stopped the production of these colours many years ago. Today I'm using different colours and somtimes I combine this technique with the " Drybrush " method. Also the design of the wooden bases and the scenery has developed on and on. From " Dufix " and " Dinova " tear spatula to a mixture of fine wastepaper with oilbinding granulate, cat's spread, sand with glue for wood. I use models of stones and painted real stones,artificial plants and real prepared plants.

A special highlight of my collection are the sculptures which are painted by Steve Riojas. These artworks are shown in a seperated gallery.

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